Essential Tips: Product Photography for Home Décor

The growth of social media has taken photography to a new level of popularity. Instagram has evolved into one of the most powerful trading platforms. There are accounts for all well-known stores and companies. As a result, tabletop photography (and doing it correctly) is critical for online retailers of home décor.

Here are a few basic rules to follow when taking images for your Web Design that are high-quality, gorgeous, and eye-catching:

1. Make sure the Product is as Presentable as Possible

Wipe off any grease or dust from the figure, candlestick, or candles you’re going to photograph, and position them with the better side facing the camera. If you do not intend to utilize your images for commercial purposes, you can disregard this tip: Aesthetic photography works well if the objects are slightly worn.

2. Set Up the Proper Lighting for the Subject

Please keep in mind that tabletop photography works best with gentle shadows. For this reason, good lighting is a must for tabletop photography.

3. Avoid Using Filters

Many photographers employ filters, particularly for social media, but they are not necessary for tabletop photography. Make sure that what your customers get is what they see. Let your customer see what your product looks like in real life. So, filters are a no-no for product photography, so you don’t look deceiving your customers.

360-degree Photography for Home Décor’

When photographing decorative parts for Instagram or a product card for online stores, 360-degree photography is the best solution for vertical home décor objects. As the thing turns, a possible buyer may see it from all sides.

Having a good product photo is one of the most critical factors that can translate into sales. Remember that online customers cannot inspect your actual product. They rely solely on pictures to make their final decision to buy.

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