Increasing Your Conversion Rate Through Product Videography

Internet users spend more than an hour every day watching videos. That is why product videography can be an excellent strategy to sell your goods and services. Several video formats can be utilized to sell a product with the primary location successfully. You can also use video hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo and your company’s social media platform to promote your videography.

The product image draws the viewer’s attention away from reading an article, viewing posts, or idly scrolling down their feed. If internet visitors overlook your image, then the language, targeting, landing page, and advertising campaign you worked on were all for naught. So, what is the best videography strategy to get the attention of your potential customer?

Here are some tips from Video Production Calgary for a product videography campaign:

  • Originality. Do not steal photographs from your competitors—this is a sure way to fail. You can borrow concepts from others, but your ads should be unique to you. Remember that uniqueness is essential to catch the attention of the audience.
  • Product Photography. If you’re working with products, it’s a good idea to take images with various interpretations and user scenarios. Watches and branded clothing, for example, complement other status signals such as costly automobiles, money, expensive wines, and so on.
  • Use of Emotional Photographs. Because your primary goal is for someone to stop scrolling down their feed and instead stop at your ad, knowing how to build an ad that elicits an emotional response is crucial. You can deal with many emotions, including fear, rage, envy, passion, attraction, shock, surprise, and intrigue.
  • Use Colour- Something else that should not be overlooked in your product videography is the use of colour. Generally, different colours can influence the user’s perception of a product, which can determine whether they will purchase the product.

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