Our Benefits

1. Cutting-Edge Technology

Past and Present Studios has the most modern photo and video equipment that produces outstanding images and photos. We can also produce videos in 4K resolution and offer adjustable settings to customize your images and videos.

2. We Offer Flexible Pricing

Our prices are dependent on the kind of service that you want. Whether you want model photography or product photography only, we offer you a service that suits your budget without compromising the quality of our work. Besides, our prices are more competitive since advanced technology lowers the cost of human labour.

3. We Value Your Time

We know and understand that your time is precious, and we wouldn’t want to waste it. For this reason, we offer a fast turnaround and produce x4 more photos. Consequently, you will have an advantage over your competitors and always be the first to post new products on the web.

4. We Don’t Compromise on Quality

We can adjust our prices, but not our output quality. We make sure that we produce quality outputs that would translate into your products’ increased sales.