Past and Present Studios focuses on creating high-quality photos and videos to build beautiful memories that last a lifetime. We understand how our clients value the moments when they celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other milestones worth celebrating. These are precious moments that cannot be taken for granted or covered haphazardly. We believe that lost or broken things are replaceable, but you cannot bring back memories. You can capture them through quality photos or videos.

As for marketing photography, we are committed to bringing out the best in every event, celebration, product launch, or marketing campaign. We are dead serious about our business as much as you are with yours. We know how competitive the market is out there; that is why we make sure that our outputs generate great results, and on your part, convert them into sales and profit. We help business improve their visual representation through our creative shoot.

1. Exceptional Quality

Here are Past and Present Studios, our priority is to provide quality photos and videos. For this reason, we only use cutting-edge technology and software.

2. Drop-Off or Pick-Up Option

Our services provide you with convenience so you can focus more on what matters to you. Please take advantage of our drop-off and pick-up services to get your photos and videos delivered on time.

3. 4K Video Resolution

Our video shoot and live stream are done with 4K resolutions that can be uploaded immediately to the internet.

4. 360 Videography 

We have different technology for small objects and products such as purses. Our 360 videography captures every angle of smaller products to ensure outstanding quality.

5. Easy-to-Adjust Settings

We believe that the needs of each client are unique. We have adjustable settings that control the size, light, format, and even shadows of our client’s photos and videos.

If you are tight on budget, we also rent our machines to do your shoot at your convenient time and venue.