Ways to Take Great Vape Cloud Photos

Do you like taking photos and vaping? You might want to consider incorporating vapor in your next photography. Aside from many people being interested in vaping, there are many good reasons to use it. Continue reading to know ways on how to take perfect vape cloud pictures.

Choose a Good Location

First, you need to determine the message your photo wants to say. One of the important elements for this is the location. For example, you can pick a place where using vape is controversial if you want your photos to show how e-cigarettes negatively affect vape users.

You can also pick a location where vapes are more common than cigarettes if you want people to see how using vapes has made it easier for people not to smoke cigarettes. Other commonly used locations for sexy themes are cafes and jazz. You can also consider recreating some known photos.

Give Importance to Lighting

When it comes to taking perfect pictures, good lighting is crucial. This is more important if you want to emphasize vapor. You do not need to worry about spending a lot on great lighting. Ring lights, LED lights, and professional photo options can be easily accessed online.

You can also use gels to accentuate the environment if you want to be more creative. It can make the environment more vivid and the photos more special. Your studio strobe can be more colorful and brighter with gels.

Yellow and orange are the 2 most common gels used in taking photos since they give more warmth. However, there are no specific rules in using colors. It is best to experiment and figure out what works best with your setup.

Use the Right Equipment

A quality camera and a controllable flash are recommended when working with smoke or vapor. If you already have a DSLR camera, it is best to opt to take photos using manual focus. That is because adjusting the shutter speed and aperture is crucial in taking perfect vape cloud photos.

A dark-colored backdrop is also a good investment because you will likely be working with white vapor most of the time. This can create a contrast that emphasizes the vape or clouds. Another photography equipment you need is quality vape mods. You have to make sure that your vape mods produce stunning clouds to make your photos noticeable.

Get Your Photos Noticed

After you produce great vape cloud photos, you need others to see them. It is easy to gain attention on Instagram with vape photos. Therefore, sharing your creation online can get your attention from people in different parts of the world.

You need to share your content on different platforms to make this possible. You can also try contacting influencers with followers in your niche so that you can expand your fan base. It is good to choose vape subjects within a niche, especially if you want to focus on vape photography.


Finally, you know some of the ways to take great vape cloud photos. Taking photos with beautiful vape clouds have been increasingly popular in the vape community. Having the right tools such as a good camera and Photoshop are essential in taking these photos.

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